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Easily expand your services to help improve patient outcomes with Lightyear Health’s Behavioral Health Clinic.

Addressing behavioral health (BH) issues along with primary care can dramatically improve health outcomes.

Lightyear Health makes it possible for clinics to offer specialized behavioral health care regardless of your clinic’s, or its patients, location. 

Through a collaborative care model, we work directly with your care team to seamlessly provide your patients access to behavioral health services without increased administrative effort or cost. 

Why should clinics work with Lightyear Health?

Virtual BH Clinic

  • Providing access to behavioral health at a familiar setting through a collaborative care model has been shown to increase a patient’s willingness to accept treatment.
  • Lightyear Health’s ‘out-of-the-box’ Virtual Behavioral Health Clinic integrates quickly and easily into your existing practice
  • We handle the logistics and provide the supporting technology so you can expand your clinic’s services without incurring cost or undertaking administrative hassle.

Data-driven, collaborative care

  • Our behavioral health team of Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs), Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants and Geriatric Psychiatrists come from some of the top institutions in the country.
  • We use predictive modeling to identify high risk patients and trend validated scale (PHQ-9 and GAD-7) scores.
  • Our team works together to provide evidence-based treatments for even the most complex cases and seamlessly collaborates with your team to help patients meet their clinical goals.
  • Our clinicians are supported by a team of software engineers and data scientists.

Revenue growth support

  • Lightyear Health supports the development of a new service line for your clinic, helping you appropriately bill to receive the CoCM reimbursement benefit. Learn more about the Medicare CoCM program here.
  • We support clinics in reporting on quality measures to ease administrative burden and help maximize revenue.

How it works

Providing behavioral health services to your patients through our Virtual BH Clinic is simple. 

For patients with Mild or Moderate Severity Illness

Virtual Clinic Set Up

Lightyear Health coordinates with your team to integrate into your practice, from billing, to EMR integration, to telemedicine support.

Book an appointment 

Primary Care Physician (PCP) schedules an appointment for a medicare or 65+ medicaid eligible patient with a Behavioral Health Care Manager (BH Care Manager).

Initial Visit 

The Lightyear Health BH Care Manager does an intake exam (as quickly as within 48 hours) via video with all charting notes uploaded directly into the EMR.

Regular patient touchpoints

BH Care Manager checks in with patient throughout the month via video or phone, providing updates to the PCP directly and in the patient chart.

Track progress 

BH Care Managers use a dashboard to track patient trends, consult weekly with the broader BH team and routinely sync with PCPs to make recommendations on care.

Operational support 

Lightyear Health supports your billing and collection for Collaborative Care  (CoCM) 

For more complex patients

Lightyear Health will enroll complex patients in our longitudinal BH specialty clinic which will follow them through primary care and include regular visits with a Psychiatrist, Psychiatric NP or LCSW. 

Make Lightyear Health part of your team