Learning with Lightyear

Lightyear Health x Project ECHO® Learning Series on innovative care strategies for Skilled Nursing Facilities and medical professionals.

The series

Learning through Case Studies

Lightyear Health has partnered with Project ECHO® to deliver a years’ worth of CEU/CME eligible learning opportunities for medical teams at Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) and other medical professionals. 


Join us on the 3rd Wednesday of each month for case-based clinical discussions focused on diagnosing, treating and managing complex chronic illness and other conditions related to aging. 


Series Objectives

  • Develop new skills, competencies and best practices
  • Stay on top of the latest research, trends and topics related to innovative care in SNFs 
  • Review challenging cases through collaborative discussion
  • Leave with an understanding of how to apply each course to direct patient care 

Earn 1 CEU/CME for each session attended. All sessions will be available on demand. This program does not cost your team to participate.


Upcoming Events

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  1. Introductions and topic overview
  2. Didactic Presentation 
  3. Case presentation
    • Case presented 
    • Clarifying questions 
      • ECHO® participants 
      • CSPCVA hub 
      • Case summary by ECHO® discussion leader 
    • Recommendations 
      • ECHO® participants 
      • CSPCVA hub 
      • Summary of recommendations by
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CEU/CME Credits: Participants can earn 1 CEU/CME credit for their participation in our ECHO sessions. Participants must be present for the entirety of the session in order to receive credit for that day’s session. Additionally, participants must complete an evaluation after the session to receive CEU/CME credit. 

Attendance: All levels of providers are welcome to participate at no cost. Attendance is optional. Participants may choose which sessions to attend based on their interests and availability. 

Confidentiality, FERPA, HIPAA, and Protected Health Information: All participants are expected to keep what’s said in ECHO confidential. Identities of participants and participating facilities should not be shared with individuals outside of our ECHO group. In all didactics, case presentations, and discussions, PHI and identifying information should be removed, and communications should be done in compliance with FERPA and HIPAA guidelines. The facilitators will address any violations of this policy directly, and repeated offenses may result in the participant being asked to leave the group.

Data Collection: Lightyear Health/Project ECHO® is part of the larger ECHO educational community that was created by the University of New Mexico’s Health Sciences Center In order to support Project ECHO®, we collect the following participation data: Participant’s name, e-mail, credentials, role, and institution These data allow Lightyear Health/Project ECHO®® to measure, analyze, and report on the movement’s reach. It may be used in reports, on maps and visualizations, for research, for communications and surveys, for data quality assurance activities, and for decision-making related to new initiatives. 

Recorded Sessions: Logging on as an ECHO® participant through Zoom serves as permission to be included in the reporting and to be recorded. Each session is recorded, stored, and made available to other ECHO participants. We will record the introduction and didactic portions of our sessions. We will NOT record case presentations.

Participants with Disabilities: If you have a disability and require accommodations, please contact us to discuss your learning needs.