Meet Our Team

At Lightyear Health we envision a new era of health partnership. Our mission is to revolutionize the experience of aging. Get to know the experts behind our programs and services.


Experienced, professional, and dedicated to our craft.

Our teams cover a wide range of skill sets and talents. Learn a little about the people that help make our exceptional services possible below.


We deliver proactive, preventive and personalized care models to elderly patients living with or at risk for functional and cognitive impairments. 


Our mission is to preserve and improve our patients’ independence, so they have the highest quality of life possible.

Data Science

We help people understand what has happened and what will happen. We help people find and interpret data. By interpreting data and building tools that can be used to understand or predict things, we keep Lightyear Health on the bleeding edge.

Engineering, IT & Product

We build, release and maintain all the technology and systems that support our clinicians, support staff, community partners and most importantly, patients. If no technology exists to solve a problem that faces the company, we invent it.

General & Administration

We’re responsible for both managing financial planning, analysis and reporting, and establishing systems and processes for communication, collaboration and knowledge management.

Growth & Partnerships

We improve our patient panel through outbound and inbound sales, creative marketing initiatives and strategic partnerships. The team manages the customer lifecycle from initial touchpoint through facility and patient onboarding.


We find, hire, and develop personnel across the organization so that everyone feels challenged, fulfilled, and connected — both to one another and to Lightyear Health’s mission, vision, and values.


We build technology solutions that help automate or simplify tasks and activities for our patients, families, facilities and clinician providers. That way, we can make their lives easier and more productive.