Alisa Fishman

Director of Social Work

Working as a discharge planner for many years, I saw the differences in care that patients received in an inpatient setting vs outpatient setting. I often had to discharge patients from the hospital knowing that they would rarely find a similar high standard of care that the hospital system was providing. Since seniors are often placed into alternative living situations where they do not receive the care they deserve, they often find themselves readmitted to hospitals with no access to resources. This often results in a decreased quality of life and a cycle of re-occurring health crises. During COVID 19 these issues were magnified and seniors found themselves in extreme isolation. I learned of the Waltham Clinic and its mission to tear down barriers and provide seniors access to the highest level of care. I had to join. Every day, I use this mission as my drive to ensure patients receive high quality care, improve their quality of life, and dignity as they age.

As Director of Social Work Operations at Waltham Clinic, I have the privilege of providing support to patients and families navigating life’s most challenging moments. We believe that a person’s economic, social, family and psychological conditions play a role in an individual’s health, but should not limit the quality of care received. Using the core values of social work, the social work team strives to improve a patient’s overall well-being at every stage of life. We Strive to empower patients and their support system to capitalize on each patient’s unique strengths and address potential risk factors found through our psychosocial evaluation.

My education started at the University of Oregon where I majored in Family and Human Services.  I went on to obtain my Masters in Social Work from University of Southern California.  

With over 10 years of experience as a clinical social worker, I have experience in community case management, psychotherapy, crisis intervention, and medical social work. I was most recently a Transplant Social Worker at Cedars Sinai Medical Center where my passion for medical social work grew even greater.

Beyond work I spend time with my family, friends and dog trying to take advantage of the costal California weather.