Alyssa Borja

Medical Assistant

I grew up with the care of my grandparents back in the Philippines. My grandfather died during covid season. I was unable to go back when he passed away due to the lockdown. I never imagined that I would say my final goodbye via facetime. It made me realize that life is precious and we should make every living moment worth it. Working in a geriatric community makes me feel home. It’s fulfilling to see how simple ways can make them feel loved and cared for.

As a Medical Assistant at Waltham Clinic, I always give the best quality of care to our patients and provide assistance to our best providers. I believe that using the missions of our company and experiences in the medical field, we are able to give the 101% needs of our patients.

My medical journey started after finishing 2 years of vocational nursing in the Philippines. In 2012, I moved to California where I first started working as a caregiver for a year, became a medtech for 2 years, and eventually developed into a dialysis tech for 5 years.

When I’m not assisting patients, I always bond with my sisters and I also love hiking and travelling.