Isabel Reich

Chief of Growth

As the Chief of Growth at Lightyear Health, I work on tackling the most prevalent opportunities or problems at a given moment. This can mean partnering with internal, cross-functional team members or external partners and advisors. I work closely with our CEO to help us stay focused on top priorities. 

Before joining Lightyear Health, I worked in management consulting for nearly 7 years. My experience spanned a wide range of industries, from beverages to pharmaceuticals, and types of projects, from M&A to organizational design. I’ve learned so much from working as an advisor to large corporations, and am eager to apply what I’ve learned to become an operator to and help us grow and scale.

I decided to join the team at Lightyear Health because I’m so proud of the work we do. Growing our client base not only helps the company, but also tangibly improves the lives of a population in need. Being part of a company with such an important mission has been an invaluable change for me personally and professionally.

Outside of work I love to travel, explore New York City and read.