Care Coordination

Care Coordination

Nearly 80% of older adults have one or more chronic diseases. Treatment for these chronic diseases may require multiple medications and visits with therapists and health specialists. Lightyear Health in San Diego, California, is a primary care and concierge practice that offers care coordination for assisted living communities throughout San Diego, Fresno, Bakersfield, Palm Springs, and Riverside, California. The team of health professionals works closely with you, your family, and other health specialists to make sure you get the comprehensive care you need.

Care Coordination Q & A

What is care coordination?

Care coordination is a health service that aims to improve or maintain quality of life. Lightyear Health is a multi-specialty concierge practice that provides care for seniors in assisted-living communities.

As you get older, your risk of developing chronic, debilitating health conditions increases. If you have a chronic health issue or two, treatment may include prescription medications, visits with medical specialists, routine lab screenings, and therapy.

Taking care of these health needs may be overwhelming to you or your family. The Lightyear Health team provides care coordination to manage these special health needs to ease patient and family stress.

Am I a candidate for care coordination?

You may be a candidate for care coordination if you or your family struggle to stay on top of all your health needs. The team at Lightyear Health offers care coordination whether you receive primary care services from the practice or not.

What are care coordination services?

The team at Lightyear Health provides comprehensive care coordination services to meet any health need. These services include:

  • Serving as a medical liaison between families and your facilities
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Obtaining necessary referrals
  • Communicating with health specialists
  • Getting necessary procedures, including diagnostic imaging
  • Monitoring medications to look for interactions and side effects
  • Managing all health care needs to ensure continuity of care
  • Lightyear Health also has a medical assistant who offers bedside lab services.

Though Lightyear Health is a primary care practice, their team includes specialists in various areas of medicine. For assisted-living residents who want to keep their primary care physician but need specialty services, Lightyear Health can help.

The health experts at Lightyear Health include medical professionals who specialize in geriatric psychiatry, physical medicine and rehabilitation, musculoskeletal medicine, behavioral health and wellness, and pain management.

How are coordinated care services provided?

Lightyear Health may provide coordinated care services at the bedside or through telemedicine appointments.

The team takes a holistic approach to health and focuses on the whole person, not the disease or symptom. This approach ensures you get the well-rounded care you need to promote health and well-being and improve the overall quality of life.

To learn more about coordinated care at Lightyear Health, call the office today.