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Lightyear Health helps physicians across the country get the specialized support their senior patients need.


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We are geriatric specialists that partner with you to stay on top of the common medical conditions that your senior patients face. With us by your side, you’ll keep their conditions from escalating into serious ones.

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Fee for Service

Work with Lightyear Health Behavioral Health physicians for an opportunity to get reimbursed at higher Medicare rates.

Capitated or Risk Bearing

Lightyear Health helps to reduce emergency department visits and hospital readmission rates leading to lower medical costs over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lightyear Health does not charge for patient referrals.

To refer a patient, you can either use the HIPAA compliant form above or call us directly to speak to a Clinician.

Staff can access our services by either calling the toll free number, starting a chat in the app, or calling your designated clinical contact.

Lightyear Health specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehab (PM&R and otherwise known as Physiatry or Medical Rehab), Pain Management and Behavioural Health and Wellness (including Geriatric Psychiatry and Social Work. 


Our team is made up of Medical Assistants, Registered Nurse Case Managers, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Licensed Clinical Social workers, Physiatrists, and Geriatric Psychiatrists. Our clinicians are universally dedicated to the exploration of non-pharmacological treatment options for physical and mental health conditions, and age-appropriate medications, when indicated.

Lightyear Health is tirelessly dedicated to the safety of its patients, partnered communities, and providers.  All Lightyear Health staff are vaccinated and abide by strict company policies related to hand hygiene and the adornment of personal protective equipment.  Both Lightyear Health providers and patients are screened for Covid symptoms and exposure risk prior to every appointment.

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