Falls are responsible for 4 out of 5 emergency room visits for the assisted-living population. Lightyear Health in San Diego, California, is a primary care concierge practice that specializes in the care of older adults in assisted-living facilities in San Diego, Fresno, Bakersfield, Palm Springs, and Riverside, California. With a keen understanding of the health consequences of falls, the team of health specialists provides individualized prevention programs.

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Falls Q & A

Why are falls common in older adults?

Though falls and accidents occur in people of all ages, theyre more common in older adults because of age-related health issues.

As you get older, all of your vital organs and body systems lose some of their normal function. These changes may affect your mobility, agility, and coordination and increase your risk of falls.

Some of the age-related conditions that contribute to falls include:

  • Loss of muscle mass and strength
  • Poor balance and coordination
  • Vision changes
  • Hearing loss
  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Foot problems
  • Dizziness from medication
  • Generalized fatigue
  • Confusion

Chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease may also increase the risk of falls. Diabetes, for example, may damage nerve endings in the feet, affecting sensations that may interfere with your normal gait.

What are the potential health consequences of falls?

Falls are a concern in older adults because of the potential physical and mental health consequences. A fall may cause an injury that affects physical health, mobility, and independence.

Even if a fall doesnt cause an injury, older adults may fear future falls and limit activities and social interactions. Their self-imposed restrictions and isolation may affect mental wellness and lead to depression or anxiety.

How can falls be prevented?

The Lightyear Health team develops tailored fall prevention programs for assisted-living facilities and individual patients at risk of falls or a history of falls.

The team may utilize home health therapies and exercise programs to improve balance and gait training to prevent falls. Treatment may also include environmental and behavioral interventions to decrease fall risk.

What can I expect during a fall risk evaluation?

You can expect a patient-centered consultation during your fall risk evaluation with the experts at Lightyear Health. The team provides concierge care, and they conduct your assessment at your home.

The home visit not only helps you feel more at ease but also allows the team to look for potential hazards in your home that may increase your risk of a fall.

During your evaluation, your provider reviews your medical history and the types of medications you take. They also talk to your family and other caregivers.

Then, they perform a physical exam that may include an evaluation of muscle strength, coordination, balance, and gait.

Based on the information gathered during your fall risk evaluation, your provider creates your customized plan.

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