Functional impairments

Functional impairments

Functional impairments are common in older adults and affect physical and mental well-being. The team at Lightyear Health in San Diego, California, provides concierge care for older adults at assisted-living facilities in San Diego, Fresno, Bakersfield, Palm Springs, and Riverside, California. They identify, diagnose, and treat problems that may lead to functional impairments. To learn more, contact us to book a bedside or telemedicine appointment today.

Functional Impairments Q & A

What are functional impairments?

Functional impairments are disabilities that make it harder for you to manage your activities of daily living.

In older adults, functional impairments may occur from an illness or chronic disease that affects physical or mental health. The severity of the impairment may vary but tends to worsen over time.

Older adults struggling with multiple chronic diseases may be at greater risk of developing more serious and complicated functional impairments.

Lightyear Health is a multi-specialty practice that provides care for older adults at assisted-living facilities throughout the San Diego area. Their care includes identifying patients at risk of functional impairments and helping them maintain their independence and quality of life with cutting-edge treatments and therapies.

What happens during an evaluation for functional impairments?

The team at Lightyear Health conducts in-depth clinical exams during a functional impairment evaluation. They take a holistic approach to health and focus on whole-body health, not just your disease or symptoms.

Your provider asks detailed questions about your daily life during your evaluation, including your usual diet, exercise routine, and social interactions. They also review your medical history, including the types of medications and supplements you take.

Your provider performs a physical exam and may request lab work to screen for health conditions that may put you at risk of functional impairments.

The team may also spend time talking to your family and caregivers at your assisted-living facility to fully understand your current level of functioning.

Lightyear Health conducts functional impairment evaluations at your home or through their telemedicine service. The goal of your functional impairment evaluation is to identify, diagnose, and treat problems and diseases that may prevent you from doing the things you enjoy.

How are functional impairments treated?

The Lightyear Health team develops individualized functional impairment treatment plans based on the identified problems and diseases and how they affect your daily life.

Treatment may include:

  • Medications
  • Prosthetic devices or equipment
  • Home health therapies
  • Medical procedures and interventions
  • Lightyear Health works closely with your other health care providers to ensure continuity of care.

To schedule an evaluation for functional impairments, contact Lightyear Health today.