Social Work

Social Work

Many people think of getting social work services when they want to adopt a child or apply for social security. But older adults can also depend on exceptional support from social workers who specialize in geriatrics and mental health. The multi-disciplinary team at Light Year in San Diego, California, offers holistic care that addresses all the physical, mental, and emotional challenges faced by older adults in assisted-living facilities in California.

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Social Work Q & A

What is social work?

Social work refers to a broad range of services provided by professionals trained to enhance peoples well-being and support the communitys complex needs.

Social workers can specialize in specific areas. A few of the specialties include school counseling, substance abuse disorders, disaster relief, mental health, and geriatrics.

Clinical social workers receive extensive training in counseling techniques to help people with psychiatric, interpersonal, family, and work-related problems. In this context, social workers receive a professional license and serve as therapists.

Lightyear Health Health is proud to offer the full spectrum of care for older adults, which includes supporting all aspects of their mental and emotional health. To that end, their in-house staff includes a geriatric psychiatrist and social workers.

When might I need social work services?

Social workers can help older adults in more ways than you might imagine. You may use social work services to:

  • Coordinate your care with other health care providers
  • Create wellness plans that meet your goals
  • Advocate on your behalf with specialists
  • Help you find local programs and services
  • Arrange for transportation to appointments
  • Help with insurance roadblocks
  • Recommend assistive devices
  • Support communication between you and your doctors, family, and caregivers

Your social worker can also introduce you to new technology such as telemedicine and remote monitoring. These technologies allow you to connect with your team at Lightyear Health without traveling to the medical office.

What type of therapy can I receive from social workers?

Your social worker collaborates with the rest of your team at Lightyear Health, including your geriatric psychiatrist and primary care providers. They work together to provide the holistic and comprehensive care you need.

Your health and well-being cant be complete without also paying attention to your mental health and emotions. After talking with you, performing a psych evaluation, and determining a diagnosis, your social worker recommends a treatment plan.

They frequently provide therapy for depression, anxiety, dementia, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). You may also need behavioral health intervention when health conditions or medications cause delusions or challenges like anger and aggression.

You can also depend on your social worker to help you and your loved ones work through tough issues such as end-of-life planning.

No matter what issues you face, the social workers at Lightyear Health can help. To learn more, contact Lightyear Health today.