Nathan Feng

Co-Founder and VP of Growth Operations

About Nathan Feng

Our seniors helped build the world that we live in today. They were inventors, teachers, doctors and laborers who over decades of hard work, helped lay the foundations upon which we build. Yet now during their twiLightyear Health, too many seniors are unable to fully enjoy the world that they worked so hard to create because of declining health caused by poor access to quality healthcare.

We strive to deliver accessible, proactive specialty care to long term care facilities so that as many seniors as possible live a life of dignity, fullness, and joy, for longer. For me, working at the Lightyear Health is working to help our patients be able to enjoy life’s simple pleasures like playing with their grandchildren, laughing with family around the dinner table, or watching the sun set over the horizon on an evening stroll. Ultimately I hope that we can make health an afterthought so that seniors can enjoy the life that they deserve.

I work to ensure that as many seniors as possible are able to get access to the care that we provide. I also work to ensure that communities, families and primary care physicians feel fully supported so that patients can receive seamless, coordinated care.

Prior to Lightyear Health I served in various roles at Clover Health and CVS Health. I have a Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience from Brown University

I enjoy playing tennis, going on hikes and exploring new countries when I get the chance.

Insurance Information

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