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Waltham Clinic is a world-class, multi-specialty concierge practice in San Diego, California.

Health specialists work together to provide their patients with cutting-edge, patient-focused care, whether they’re performing life-changing treatments or offering everyday support.

The Waltham Clinic team also offers chronic disease management, care coordination, remote monitoring, and social work services. They assess and treat functional impairments, falls, incontinence, and skin integrity. The team includes specialists in geriatric psychiatry, behavioral health and wellness, musculoskeletal medicine, and pain management.

To better meet the needs of their patients and their caregivers, the team uses a combination of in-home visits and telemedicine appointments to provide comprehensive and attentive care. Waltham Clinic is fully concierge and travels to assisted living facilities in the San Diego area. Call Waltham Clinic today.

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How To Talk to Someone with Dementia Who Wants To Go Home

People with dementia or Alzheimer’s often say or do things that can be frustrating, worrying, and upsetting for caregivers to deal with.  Often, people with dementia will tell their caregivers “I want to go home,” which can be hard to hear over and over, especially if they are already in their own homes. But when …

Important Tasks That the Elderly Need Assistance With

Even if you’re physically and mentally healthy, aging can take a toll on your ability to perform daily tasks. Weakening bones, thinning skin, decreasing muscle, and challenges with cognition can make simple activities feel complicated and complex. If your parent or grandparent is nearing an age where it’s becoming harder to conduct daily tasks, it’s …

Sensory Activities For People with Dementia

Even though dementia can make it more difficult for loved ones to express themselves or complete tasks like they were once able, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t stay busy and occupied with fun activities! The best activities for people with dementia are ones that are simple and failure-free. Completing an activity can often lead …



Waltham Clinic Increases Access to High Quality, Multi-speciality Care for Assisted Living Residents