Fighting for the Aging Mind and Body

Behavioral health, pain management, physiatry, and other specialty care for adults living in skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities.

We are relentlessly committed to improving the aging process.

Trusted by medical providers around the US

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Your Experts in Geriatric Medicine

We support the unique healthcare needs of seniors, in-person or via telemedicine.

Behavioral Health

Our holistic approach includes psychotherapy, identifying triggers, and providing social support for patients and staff. We responsibly prescribe medication only when necessary.

Physiatry and Pain Management

Our physical medicine & rehabilitation
(PM&R) physician specialists bring the latest approaches to improving the functional and physical health of seniors.

Tech-Enabled, Data-Driven Care

We use the latest technologies and solutions to ensure that all of our patients, families, and partner facilities experience precise, seamless care.


A Person-Centric Approach

At Lightyear Health, we meet our patients where they are – in health and location. We specialize in proactive, individualized care that strives to maintain quality of life. We focus on providing convenient access and care continuity to best support patients and their families. 

Collaborative Care

Supported by Technology

Collaborative Care

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Supported by Technology

Why Us

Our Why

At Lightyear Health, we’re dedicating our lives to helping the millions of people living with cognitive and functional decline from aging, starting first with adults in skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities.


As providers, clinicians, and engineers focused solely on the common medical issues associated with aging, like dementia, we can bring the most modern and advanced care to patients and families everywhere.

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Ongoing Support for Patients and Families

We believe geriatric care should do more than satisfy the basic needs of patients. It should aim to improve and extend quality of life. Our preventative approach addresses the common problems seniors face before they escalate into serious ones.


Meet the Teams

To ensure our work changes people’s lives for the better, our team strives for accuracy, effectiveness, and impact in everything we do.

Lightyear Health Integrated Health Solutions Software

We believe that simply accepting the status quo of aging and treating related conditions reactively is not enough.

So we help care providers, community staff, patients and family members work together proactively to slow down cognitive and functional decline and extend quality of life.

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“Donec sed odio dui. Duis mollis, est non commodo luctus, nisi erat porttitor”

Peter Newman, CEO

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