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At Lightyear Health, we demand more for people aging with cognitive and functional impairments. We are working to create a world where everyone has access to the foremost experts in geriatric and dementia care.

Our team combines technology, data-driven care models and medical expertise to support the specific healthcare needs of people in assisted living communities and skilled nursing facilities, onsite or in-person.

We take a preventative approach to address the common medical problems faced by seniors before they escalate. Partnering with community care teams, primary care physicians and other healthcare practitioners, we add a high touch, specialized layer of coordinated care that focuses on maintaining quality of life. 

The Lightyear Health team does not accept the status quo of healthcare for aging persons. We believe with innovation and leadership, we can change what it means to age.

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Most major insurances are accepted. Please call our office for more information.


The Behaviors and Stages of Wandering in Seniors

Wandering or getting lost is a common sign of Alzheimer’s or other diseases involving dementia. Noticing that a loved one is consistently going missing is stressful, and it can make you feel concerned for their safety. If you notice that your loved one is going missing often, or is returning late from meetings or activities, …

A Geriatric Doctor’s Role To a Person with Dementia

It’s no secret that seniors need a little bit of extra care to keep themselves safe from physical injury as they get older. But, typical healthcare providers are often ill-equipped to address the needs of senior populations. That’s where geriatric doctors come in. Geriatric doctors are people who specialize in caring for people over the …

Top 5 Core Exercises for Seniors

While seniors can’t necessarily go for runs, deadlift barbells, or do chin-ups at the gym like they might have been able to do earlier in life, they shouldn’t have to live a sedentary life. Seniors can still engage in loads of different exercises to keep their bodies, and minds, sharp. Many exercise routines for seniors …



Lightyear Health Increases Access to High Quality, Multi-speciality Care for Assisted Living Residents