About Us

The Lightyear Health Clinics* are comprised of a group of affiliated medical groups, each independently owned and operated in a different state. The Lightyear Health Clinics contract and employ a diverse clinical team to deliver PM&R services to patients in skilled nursing facilities in the geographies in which they operate. The Lightyear Health Clinics are supported by Alfred Lake, Inc. (d/b/a Lightyear Health), a management company providing proprietary technology, administrative services, and data analytics to help drive the unique brand of care delivered by the Lightyear Health Clinics. The Lightyear Health Clinics currently include Lightyear Health Clinic Texas, PLLC; Lightyear Health Clinic California, PC; Lightyear Health Clinic Virginia, PC; Lightyear Health Clinic Michigan, PC; and Lightyear Health Clinic Ohio, Inc., and we are rapidly expanding across the country!

The Lightyear Health Clinics are at the forefront of a patient-empowered movement in medical care for older adults and patients suffering from medical illness or injury.


Learn more about our values, culture, and people below.

Key Values

Lightyear Health’s Vision

We envision a world where the most advanced technology, the world’s most successful, educated health specialists, and a system of trusted partnerships is available to every senior and patient suffering from medical illness or injury, everywhere. We’ll help bring this world to life by focusing on our five key values:

Dream Big for Patients

We lead with optimism and execute with tenacity to build the world our patients deserve.

Stay Focused

We anticipate problems, seize opportunities, and prioritize for impact — always.

We're Better Together

Our whole will always be greater than the sum of our parts. We foster and model inclusion, respect, and candor.

Remain Students of Our Craft

We value the generation of ideas across the entire company by all individuals–we encourage curiosity, learning, and bettering ourselves through growth and education.


Fighting Decline of Body

Our Lightyear Health Clinics are working to provide everyone access to cutting-edge specialty care to treat functional decline from aging and medical conditions.


Partnering with community care teams, primary care physicians, and other healthcare practitioners, we add a high-touch, specialized layer of coordinated care that focuses on maintaining quality of life.


Where other providers might turn away from challenging health issues, we boldly turn towards the task at hand.

Depth of Presence

There’s nowhere else we would rather be than with our patients and their families, doing our work and being a beacon of hope in the storm.


We take great care and responsibility in the mastery of the details. We believe in accuracy, effectiveness, and impact.

Forward Thinking

We utilize advanced research to develop new care models, personalized plans, and novel workflows so we can provide innovative patient-centered care.

Careers & Culture

Do you refuse to accept the status quo of healthcare for seniors and patients suffering from medical illness or injury? Are you looking for a chance to make a real positive impact on the lives of others? We’re always looking for engaged, passionate, and knowledgeable staff.

On-site, Several locations in CA, VA, TX


Our mission is to provide everyone with access to the world’s best specialty care to treat functional decline related to complex medical conditions, acute injury, or illness.

lightyear health team picture showing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

When you are empowered to be your authentic self at work, you’re able to relax, feel more comfortable with your peers, be happier at work, and embrace your background and experiences to positively impact your work and the work of those around you.

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Meet Our Team

Experienced, professional, and dedicated to our patients. 

Our team combines technology, data-driven care models, and medical expertise. We support the healthcare needs of aging persons, at point of care.


Making a Difference

We’re helping aging persons and their families every day.

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