About Us

We’re at the forefront of a patient-empowered movement in medical care for older adults. Learn more about our values, culture, and people below.


Changing What It Means to Age

At Lightyear Health, we are working to create a world where everyone has access to the foremost experts in geriatric and dementia care.


Partnering with community care teams, primary care physicians and other healthcare practitioners, we add a high-touch, specialized layer of coordinated care that focuses on maintaining quality of life.


Where other providers might turn away from challenging or complex health issues, we boldly turn towards the task at hand.

Depth of Presence

There’s nowhere else we would rather be than with our patients and their families, doing our work and being a beacon of hope in the storm.


We take great care and responsibility in the mastery of the details. We believe in accuracy, effectiveness and impact.

Forward Thinking

We utilize advanced research to develop new care models, personalized plans and novel workflows so we can provide innovative patient-centered care.

Careers & Culture

Do you refuse to accept the status quo of healthcare for aging persons? Are you looking for a chance to really make a difference? We’re always looking for engaged, passionate, and knowledgeable staff.

Remote, based in the US or Canada


In the next ten years, we aim to slow the progress of dementia in the world’s aging population by adding 5 quality-adjusted life years for patients suffering with dementia.

lightyear health team picture showing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

When you can be your authentic self at work, the impossible can be achieved. Studies show that diversity creates happier, healthier teams. Lightyear Health’s DEI policy is an ongoing commitment to represent different experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds.

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Meet Our Team

Experienced, professional, and dedicated to our craft. 

Our team combines technology, data-driven care models and medical expertise. We support the healthcare needs of aging persons, at point of care or via telemedicine.


Making a Difference

We’re helping aging persons and their families every day.

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