About Lightyear

We take pride in our commitment to incorporating exceptional advancements on the frontier of geriatric care for patients with cognitive and functional impairments.

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Message From Our CEO & Co-Founder

Our seniors helped build the world that we live in today. They were farmers, workers, parents, teachers, activists, doctors, scientists, and more, who, with decades of hard work, won wars, cured diseases, educated generations of socially conscious young people, etc. 

Yet as the last few years have made painfully clear, too many seniors are unable to fully enjoy the world that they worked so hard to create because of declining health caused by poor access to quality care.

We strive to deliver accessible, proactive specialty care to long-term care facilities so that as many seniors as possible live a life of dignity, fullness, and joy, for longer.


Kiran Gollakota,

Co-Founder and CEO

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Key Values

Lightyear Health’s Vision

We envision a world where the most advanced technology, the world’s most successful, educated health specialists and a system of trusted partnerships is available to every aging person, everywhere. We’ll help bring this world to life by focusing on our five key values:

Dream Big for Patients

We lead with optimism and execute with tenacity to build the world our patients deserve.

Stay Focused

We anticipate problems, seize opportunities, and ruthlessly prioritize for impact — always.

We're Better Together

Our whole will always be greater than the sum of our parts. So, we foster and model inclusion, respect, and candor.

Remain Students of Our Craft

We know that winning the long-game entails staying curious, sweating details big and small, and bettering ourselves at every turn.

The Buck Stops with Us

We are accountable. Standing by our people and services makes us stronger and more resilient.

What Makes Us Different

Who we are, what our mission is and our why. We know our area of expertise within geriatric care better than anyone. We refuse to accept the status quo of aging. And, we put our patients at the center of every decision we make.

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We strive for innovation and medical prowess in cognitive and functional medicine in older adults.