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We understand that aging isn’t easy. Find out how we help our patients and families feel empowered and in control.

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We connect providers, patients, and families – with an emphasis on collaboration. The goal of our services is to give aging persons the independence to maintain a comfortable quality of life. 


Healthcare for Aging Persons. Support for Families.

Traditional healthcare simply does not put patient health and wellness at the forefront. Lightyear Health does.

Access to Specialized Care

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Coordinated, Collaborative Care

Aging persons need specialized care


of hospitalizations in elderly

are from falls


Risk of death within 1 year

post hip fracture


Patient and Family Resources

Today’s fragmented healthcare system is hard to understand, especially when trying to coordinate yours or your loved one’s care. Here are some resources to provide insight and empower your choices.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Lightyear Health providers are in-network with Medicare, straight Medi-cal, and a wide range of private insurance plans.  Charges for Lightyear Health services include copay and coinsurance charges specific to each individual insurance plan, and are typically nominal.

Yes! Lightyear Health providers do not replace primary care providers; they work in collaboration with them to address functional impairments requiring focus and expertise that primary care providers are often not able to provide.  Lightyear Health is committed to a future in which seniors’ healthcare provider teams are cohesive and communicative, and we are here to pioneer that expectation.

Visit www.lightyearhealth.com to learn more about our services and providers, or call 888-380-0988 to become a patient! Lightyear offers both telehealth and in-person appointments, and will work with staff at your community to ensure that you receive care under  the terms that work best for you!

Lightyear Health team includes advanced practice providers (NPs, PAs) and physicians (MDs) that deliver physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) services. Our clinicians are universally dedicated to the exploration of non-pharmacological treatment and age appropriate medications when indicated.

Lightyear Health is tirelessly dedicated to the safety of its patients, partnered communities, and providers.  All Lightyear Health staff are vaccinated and abide by strict company policies related to hand hygiene and the adornment of personal protective equipment.  Both Lightyear Health providers and patients are screened for Covid symptoms and exposure risk prior to every appointment.