Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)

Physician-led physical medicine, rehab, and pain management services for your patients, delivered in collaboration with your team at no cost to you.

Full Spectrum Care for Patient Health

We help you reduce your patients’ risk of rehospitalization by providing physician-led pain management and physical medicine and rehab (PM&R).

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What We Offer

Including, but not limited to: 

Physical Medicine and Rehab

Why Work with Us?

Simply put, we want to help you and your patients. Our mission is to change what it means to age. We work to continuously create innovative solutions to improve care for our patients in coordination with the facilities that support them.

Lower Rehospitalizations

Research has shown that SNFs who work with PM&R physicians reduce rehospitalizations and emergency room visits. With a higher frequency of clinical touchpoints, we can work together to accurately identify people of high risk and help them live healthier and longer.

Cutting-edge predictive modelling helps identify patients at high risk for rehospitalization

More successful and faster discharges back improves your reputation with referral sources

Better patient experiences help to improve your CMS star ratings

Offer Patients Specialty, Data-Driven Care

Our onsite team delivers care to the bedside and is supported by a flexible telemedicine approach.

Increased clinical touchpoints improve patient monitoring and help speed up recovery

Provide real time treatment updates by integrating with your EHR for enhanced collaboration

Specialty services, like comprehensive pain management, put you ahead of the competition through improved patient care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Lightyear Health Clinics do not charge facilities (Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing or Independent Living Facilities) to become a care partner.  We provide our services directly to the patients and there are no Facility or hidden costs associated with our care coordination,  technology, training. The services we provide to patients are covered through the patient’s insurance.

Staff can access our services on behalf of their patients by either calling the toll free number, starting a chat in the app, or calling your designated clinical contact.

Lightyear Health specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehab (PM&R and otherwise known as Physiatry or Medical Rehab), and Pain Management.

Our team is made up of Medical Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Physiatrists. Our clinicians are universally dedicated to the exploration of non-pharmacological treatment options for physical and health conditions, and age-appropriate medications, when indicated.

Lightyear Health is tirelessly dedicated to the safety of its patients, partnered communities, and providers.  All Lightyear Health staff are vaccinated and abide by strict company policies related to hand hygiene and the adornment of personal protective equipment. 

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