Assisted Living Facilities (ALF)

Lightyear Health is your in-house team of geriatric and dementia specialists. We help your residents feel healthier and enjoy life longer.


Better Care for Aging Persons

We proactively address the common medical issues ALF residents experience to prevent them from escalating into serious ones. 


Optimizing your resident’s health helps reduce risk of falls, slow progression of serious illness and limit behavioural issues that are disruptive to your building and its operations.

Why Work with Us?

Lightyear Health helps you manage care and communication between staff, outside practitioners, and resident families by integrating into every aspect of your business.

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Get Access to the Cutting-Edge Technology

Enjoy real-time updates of medication lists, care plans, and much more with our iOS app and digital platform. ALFs that work with Lightyear improve access to patient care and hasten care delivery.

Easy to Use

Offer your residents one click virtual appoints and built-in scanner feature to easily upload resident documents.

Easy to Integrate

Experience a fast and seamless integration with existing workflows such as PointClickCare and MatrixCare.

Easy to Recommend

No need for follow-ups with our real-time medication and care plan sharing between facilities, clinics, and physicians.


Frequently Asked Questions

Lightyear Health does not charge facilities (Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing or Independent Living Facilities) to become a partner. There are no fees associated with the use of our technology, any training we provide, or onsite support to facility telemedicine appointments when needed. The services we provide to patients are covered through the patient’s insurance.

Staff can access our services by either calling the toll free number, starting a chat in the app, or calling your designated clinical contact.

Lightyear Health specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehab (PM&R and otherwise known as Physiatry or Medical Rehab), Pain Management and Behavioural Health and Wellness (including Geriatric Psychiatry and Social Work. 


Our team is made up of Medical Assistants, Registered Nurse Case Managers, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Licensed Clinical Social workers, Physiatrists, and Geriatric Psychiatrists. Our clinicians are universally dedicated to the exploration of non-pharmacological treatment options for physical and mental health conditions, and age-appropriate medications, when indicated.

Lightyear Health is tirelessly dedicated to the safety of its patients, partnered communities, and providers.  All Lightyear Health staff are vaccinated and abide by strict company policies related to hand hygiene and the adornment of personal protective equipment.  Both Lightyear Health providers and patients are screened for Covid symptoms and exposure risk prior to every appointment.

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