Jodie Modell

RN Case Manager

I joined the Lightyear Health to truly make a difference with seniors and in the communities in which they live. I am very passionate about ensuring that senior communities receive the most outstanding care. With both my personal and professional experiences, I decided to dedicate my work to making sure every senior I care for is receiving the best care possible. I use my experiences to fuel my passion which allows me to provide excellent care and provide patient advocacy. I served in hospice care for over a decade but it was time to shift my focus from end of life care to preventative care and medicine for the senior communities. When a patient has lived their life and they are approaching their final years, it is so important to prevent, care for, and provide them with the same quality of care a young thriving patient receives. I am motivated and dedicated to making a difference through providing compassionate care, educating staff and families, taking care of your loved ones, and you and your family. I am grateful for the opportunities Lightyear Health has gifted me with to serve the senior communities across the country.

As an RN Educator at Lightyear Health, my day-to-day consists of acting as a nurse liaison and nurse educator between facility staff, providers, family members, and even patients to make sure that everyone is clear on the plan of care. I work closely with facility staff members to educate and ensure they have the right tools for providing outstanding quality of care to our patients. In addition, I spend a great deal of time managing our patients care which translates to working closely with our providers to be sure that each patient is receiving what they need.

I graduated from San Diego State University in 2007 with a Bachelors in Liberal Arts, and in 2010 from California State University San Marcos with a Bachelors in Nursing. My entire career has involved caring for seniors and their families. I am drawn to this community and serving their needs. I find it incredibly important that they receive the best care in their final years. I worked for over a decade in hospice care at the bedside and in nursing leadership roles. I am truly humbled in so many ways, and I have learned so much over the years on what makes for outstanding care for the senior and geriatric population of people. Seniors have my heart and they deserve to get back everything they have given to our communities plus more. I am dedicated to making sure our senior communities are well equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to improve our patients quality of life.

Beyond work, I enjoy spending time with my family and dogs. Paddle boarding, yoga, traveling, writing, continuing to further my education, and volunteering at my childs school are just a few ways I spend my free time. In addition, I teach meditation, breathwork, and guided imagery to those who are grieving, first responders, and those who want to find more peace in their lives.