Josh Puritt

Senior Manager of Finance

I joined Lightyear Health in September of 2020 because I want to help aging persons get the care that my grandparents deserved. 

As the Senior Manager of Finance at Lightyear Health, I ensure that all our accounting is complete, our patient billing is accurate and up to date, our internal financial processes are clean and that our employees have all their finance needs met.

Born and raised in Montreal, I studied at McGill University before moving to San Francisco and now Toronto, Canada. I bring a diverse background of experience having worked for the pharmaceutical manufacturing, construction, imports and most recently hospitality industries. As one of the original finance team members at Sonder, a hospitality startup, I helped the company grow from a Series A startup of under 50 employees to a Series E company ready to IPO at 1300 in under 4 years. 

Outside of work my life is controlled by and revolves around my 12 pound puppy named Gustopher, but you can call him Gus. I enjoy cooking, coffee, hours of netflix and spending time with family and friends.