Skilled Nursing Facilities

Specialty care delivered in collaboration with your team at no cost to you.
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We aim to reduce your patients’ risk of rehospitalization by providing physician-led pain management,
behavioral health services and physical medicine and rehab (PM&R).



No facility fees. No impact to facility billing. No impact to the Medical Director’s billing.



We do not charge your facility any fees.

We bill third-party insurance directly, with no impact to your facility’s Medicare Part A billing.

Our specialty focused reimbursement doesn’t impact your Medical Director’s billing.


  • Pain management
  • Fall prevention
  • Hip fracture / joint replacement
  • Amputation rehab
  • Stroke rehab

Behavioral Health Support:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Alzheimer’s / dementia
  • Schizophrenia

Why Work With Lightyear Health?

Simply put, we want to helpyou, and your patients.  Our mission is to change what it means to age. So, we work to continuously create innovative solutions for our patients as well as the facilities that support them.

Specialty data-driven care

  • Our onsite team delivers care to the bedside and is supported by a flexible
    telemedicine approach

  • We use predictive modelling to help identify patients at high risk for rehospitalization

  • Provide real time treatment updates by integrating with your EHR for enhanced

Referrals & Reputation

  • Specialty services, like a comprehensive pain management or a behavioral
    health program, are a competitive differentiator. We also help support your marketing efforts

  • More successful discharges back home help improve your reputation with referral sources

  • Better patient experiences help to improve your CMS star ratings


  • Research has shown that SNFs who work with PM&R physicians reduce
    rehospitalizations and emergency room visits

  • Increased clinical touchpoints improve patient monitoring and help
    speed up recovery

Financial reimbursement

  • Increased clinical touchpoints help decrease ER transfers and hospital readmissions

  • Added focus on optimizing length of stay management and discharge planning

  • Accurate documentation on the complexity of care to increase chances of proper reimbursement

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