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Waltham Clinic is a team of specialists dedicated to providing a level of care typically only available in academic medical centers to patients in skilled nursing facilities. We offer physician-led physical medicine and rehab services supported by behavioral health experts.

Using a collaborative approach, we focus on comprehensive pain management, improving functional independence, and behavioral health strategies to support timely patient recovery and ease the burden on your staff.
  • Pain management
  • Stroke
  • Cardiac and Pulmonary
  • Parkinsons
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Fall rehab
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Alzheimer’s disease and
    memory care
  • Stroke
  • Complex medical illness
  • Joint replacement

Why Work With
Waltham Clinic?

Comprehensive pain management strategies with behavioural health support

Our Physical Medicine & Rehab (PM&R) specialists don’t just treat pain, they work to pinpoint the underlying cause to accelerate your patient’s recovery.

Our team uses a variety of evidence-based non-narcotic and responsible narcotic pain management
strategies to support rehab and therapy goals.

Our behavioural health team is available to address the psychological aspects of pain and functional recovery if this support is not already available at your facility.

Optimized care delivered to the beside

  • Data-driven care models
  • Predictive modelling to identify high risk patients
  • Patient visits focused on quality interactions, not volume
  • Delivered on site or via telemedicine

Our portal helps manage patient medical needs

  • Patient profiles outline care team summaries and include all patient documents and
    medication orders
  • Access to your Waltham Clinic team via the chat
  • Caregivers and family can easily join virtual appointments
  • Software is back by a team of engineers and data scientists

Coordinated communication and collaborative care

  • Integrate into your existing care team, attend your interdisciplinary and therapy rounds
  • Real time treatment updates
  • Dedicated RN Care Coordinator ensures communication between all caregivers and family
  • Follow up Virtual Rehab Clinic available upon discharge

The Impact

Skilled Nursing Facilities that partner with Waltham Clinic can expect optimized care that results in
better patient outcomes, an enhanced reputation and increased referrals.

Optimized care results in better patient outcomes

  • PM&R support throughout a patient’s care will optimize their functional recovery ,increase their comfort and help manage length of stay
  • Reduced risk of rehospitalization during their stay
  • Increased successful discharges back to home
  • Continuity of care through Waltham Clinic’s Virtual Rehab Clinic helps identify the patients who could benefit from returning to your facility within 30 days and avoid

Enhanced reputation

  • Better patient experiences helps to improve your CMS star ratings
  • Better patient outcomes improves your reputation with referral sources in the community
  • Ability to market specialized programs typically only available in academic medical

Increased referrals

By partnering with Waltham Clinic, you can stand out to your referral sources and patients as a facility that offers a comprehensive pain management, functional health, and behavioral health program.

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Skilled Nursing Facilities

Why Skilled Nursing Facilities Should Work With Us

Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are essential components for older adults who require care, comfort, and compassion while being monitored for behavioral and physical decline.

Waltham Clinic knows how rewarding this work can be, but we also know how challenging it can become.

Getting some extra help with pain management, behavioral health, and care coordination can do more than just improve the lives of your short and long term patients — it can also enhance the productivity and satisfaction of your employees while reducing hospitalizations and increasing the volume of new members into your valued community.

Choosing to work with the Waltham Clinic can have more meaningful benefits than you can imagine for everyone involved.

Here are just a few of the ways we can improve the metrics of your skilled nursing facility.

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Pain Management

Effective pain management requires more than taking an opioid or other pain reliever. Waltham Clinic offers a physician-led pain management program for both short term patients and long term residents.

Our specialists don’t just treat pain, they work to pinpoint the underlying cause to accelerate your resident’s recovery and help them feel like their best selves.

But, physical pain has mental implications. In fact, chronic pain is a major contributor to stress and anxiety. Waltham Clinic’s care is multifaceted, targeting the cognitive and behavioral effects of chronic pain to deliver comprehensive, holistic care to every one of your residents.

Our team addresses your patient’s needs and draws from many possible therapies, reducing your staff’s workload as much as possible.

Therapies include:

  • Non-narcotic pain relievers
  • Topical medications
  • Exercise programs
  • Physical therapy
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Interventional treatments

Targeted therapies to decrease the likelihood of injury or falls within your facility can reduce the number of hospitalizations and complex extra work that comes along with accidents. Our clinical team works in unison with your existing staff to compliment their strengths and mend
any shortcomings.

Behavioral Health

Anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions can affect elderly populations just as much as it affects anyone else. And while primary care physicians in your SNF offer all-around care,misunderstanding the needs and hardships of geriatric mental health can cause stress for everyone involved.

That’s where Waltham Clinic comes in.

Our physician-led team of behavioral health experts work closely with your pre-existing behavioral health team to help patients lead a fuller life. This strengthens the bond between your patients and staff members, allowing your SNF to feel more like a community.

Streamlined Technology

Waltham is one of the only post-acute functional and behavioral health programs in the nation with its own team of software engineers and data scientists.

Through data analysis of national trends, Waltham uses a unique software to identify areas of improvement and potential patient outcomes to share with referring facilities.

Not to mention, our easy-to-use software automates documentation like medical orders or appointments, making them easily accessible to the community. This reduces the amount of work that staff and administration needs to complete, allowing them to return to what matters most: comprehensive and quality care.

Quality Care on Tops

We take recruiting seriously, looking for individuals who have a high level of compassion, empathy, and clinical acumen. With that in mind, we limit the number of patients that our talented clinicians see on a daily basis to less than 20 people, which is half the number of other groups.

We focus our efforts in improving patient health and therefore your community’s well-being as a whole, giving adequate time to facilitate thoughtful communication and care between our team and our patients.

Plus, we even offer a virtual rehabilitation program to check in with patients within two weeks of their discharge from the SNF. This gives us the ability to recognize individuals who may benefit from returning to the facility within a 30 day window. It’s further proof that the happiness of patients, and their families, comes first.

Set Yourself Apart

By partnering with Waltham, you’re joining a growing national community that provides the gold standard in post-acute pain management and geriatric psychiatry.

As our community grows, you’ll grow with us, receiving all of the benefits of data analysis to shape your best practices and improve resident satisfaction.

Waltham helps you stand out from the slew of SNFs across the globe by providing research opportunities to your residents and giving your patients the ability to pioneer research studies in behavioral and physical health fields. You can craft and mold the future of SNF, drawing more positive attention to your specific community.

How It Works

Waltham Clinic isn’t like other telehealth or concierge behavioral wellness services. We combine the best aspects of geriatric care under one roof, bringing your community the most comprehensive care possible.

First, you’ll enter the patient into our portal. Then, we’ll reach out to you, the family, and doctorsin order to paint a full picture before our first visit.

After the first visit is scheduled, the patient will attend a video appointment where their specific needs and challenges are addressed.

Finally, Waltham follows up with family members and the facility to ensure that everyone is up to speed when it comes to improvements in care.

How we deliver care

Waltham is unique in that clinical services are enhanced by in-house software and a team of software engineers and data scientists.

This lets us develop evidence-based treatment that we are happy to share with partner facilities, allowing you to create your own practices that you feel best represent your community.

Our reasonable patient workload is designed to deliver quality care whenever necessary, but we also know the value of your existing staff. Patients feel most comfortable around the PCPs and staff members currently in your facility, and Waltham understands the complexity of each SNF team.

For that reason, Waltham is not a replacement for existing care: it is just a supplement.

We work with and alongside your existing staff to drive patient success without impeding on the progress you’ve already made. Our team of specialists fills in the gaps with behavioral health and pain management to make your residents’ lives happier and your staff’s lives simpler.

We use a hybrid model that merges the most effective attributes of telemedicine with on-the-ground support.

Tech-enabled delivery not only gives patients and their families the ability to join video appointments effortlessly, but it also saves administration time and hardship. Telemedicine has become a way of life, and following these trends in conjunction with on-the-ground support helps to provide safe, effective, and accessible treatments.

Our app also helps manage documents and written medication orders so you don’t have to. This severely reduces the trouble associated with paper trails, without sacrificing ease of access to the information that matters most.

Waltham’s clinical coordinators, combined with seamless integration of technology, help bridge the coordination burden between family members, providers, community care teams, and hospital systems. This means that everyone is always on the same page, significantly reducing stress for your community care team.

All of this naturally culminates into a more firmly established relationship with the families of your residents.

We become a trusted resource for them, helping to alleviate some of the pressure that is placed on you and your staff on a daily basis while actively enhancing the satisfaction of your clients

Impact To Your Facility

Skilled nursing facilities might be a necessary step in the lives of older adults. Ensuring that you’re delivering the highest quality care is the most important way to increase the satisfaction of your patients and their families, boosting your credibility and respect.

Waltham’s comprehensive care lets you stand above the competition.

Improve Patient’s Functional Independence

Growing old comes with its own set of cognitive and physical challenges, and SNFs know that more than anyone, but there’s nothing better than sending a patient back out on their feet feeling, looking, and acting better than they did when they first entered.

Waltham’s physician-led Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Team (PM&R) follows short term skilled patients during their stay to optimize their functional and medical progress,increasing the abundance of successful discharges back into the community.

For long term patients, our team pinpoints specific individuals who may benefit from therapy services to help increase their level of independence, actively reducing functional and medical decline that may lead to hospitalization.

The professional and experienced PM&R team helps to optimize the health of short and long term residents in areas including, but not limited to:

  • Pain management
  • Cognitive health
  • Spasticity management
  • Prosthetic and orthotic management
  • Reduction of polypharmacy
  • Mood stabilization
  • Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep hygiene

Getting your patients closer to feeling like their best selves is your goal, and it’s ours too. We work to fulfill the goals of individual patients to prepare them for independent living once they leave your facility.

Disposition Planning

Getting your patients discharged is important, but where they go after their stay is perhaps even more important. While disposition planning for soon-to-be discharged patients can be an arduous process, Waltham’s clinicians work with your administrators to appropriately manage the length of stay and plan their departure for maximum resident success.

Our rehab team attends both interdisciplinary team meetings as well as therapy meetings to gain a holistic perspective of when, where, and how your patients should be discharged. And while we’re confident that the hard work will yield desirable results, our rehab follow up program can identify potential issues before they become full fledged.

By virtually following up with patients within two weeks of discharge, we can identify high risk individuals that might benefit from a bit more time in the SNF.

This cuts down the risk of rehospitalization, giving your staff and administrative team one less thing to worry about.

Become a Household Name

The Waltham Clinic is different from other concierge geriatric services, and our unique set of skills and benefits for your community. By partnering with us, you can stand out to your referral programs and patients as a facility that offers a comprehensive pain management, functional health, and behavioral health program.

Our software can generate reports to show improvement in key outcomes to share with referral sources that can increase your chances of becoming/ remaining a preferred SNF provider
within your community.

With Waltham, you can have pride in the fact that the care at your facility is a notch above the competition.

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